His Holy Temple

  A Praise and Worship CD | Words & Music by Azuza

His Holy Temple CD Cover


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Emmanuel (God is with Us)
Isaiah 9:6 | © 2006 Beth Wong

Glory and Honor, Worthy and Righteous, Wisdom and Power, Beauty and Blessings
Faithful and True, Mighty and Holy, Greatness Everlasting; Bright Morning Star

And He shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, God is with Us, God is with Us
V'yikra shmo, Pele, Yo'etz, El Gibor,
Avi'ad, Sar Shalom, Emmanuel, Emmanuel

Lord of lords; King of kings, the Creator of all things
Loving Savior; Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, and the End

His Holy Temple
Psalm 11:4;45:6; Jeremiah 17:12 | © 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong

God Almighty, You are El Shaddai
Lord our God, we worship You
The Lord is there, Adonai Shamah
Seeking your peace, Adonai Shalom
In Your presence before Your throne

The Lord is in His holy temple
The Lord's throne is forever
And the heavens sing Hal-le-lu-jah!
What a glorious throne on high

The Worthy King
© 2006 Lee Underwood

You died and gave Your life for me;
without Your love I could not see;
the blood You shed upon the ground;
what a great pearl I have found!

What a great love You gave;
you arose from the grave.
Oh, death could not hold You down;
now You wear a royal crown.

now You sit upon the Throne;
Your people You brought back home.
Your blood shattered all my fears,
and You wiped away my tears.

You reign and rule o'er everything.
You fill my heart now I sing.
Your glory fills the universe.
Redemption comes, removes the curse.

Maybe Tonight
© 2006 Lee Underwood

I see the darkness, surrounding me,
too much oppression, too hard to see.
Fight for your honor; fight for your right,
and when it's over, still there's no light.

I have looked to the heavens,
I have seen the light.
The Lord is coming,
maybe tonight.

Nations fight their wars but nobody wins,
and when it's over, darkness again
Is-ra-el is fighting for God's holy land,
and when it's over, that's where they'll stand.

On the mount called Moriah, God's holy place,
the Lord is returning, in glory and grace.
He shall reign forever, the God of Abraham,
we will bow down before Him, in His holy land.

© 2006 Lee Underwood

Ye — ho — shua,
God is my salvation.
Ye — ho — shua,
God is my salvation.

Something about that Name
burns within my soul.
Points to the God of Israel,
proclaiming of my Lord.

Salvation is of the Lord,
Deliverer of my soul.
My strength in time of trouble,
He is my refuge.

Baruch HaBa, Shabbat Shalom
© 2006 Beth Wong

Baruch haba, shabbat shalom
Baruch haba, shabbat shalom
Blessed is He, His rest, His peace
Baruch haba, shabbat shalom

In this day, we shall rest
In His peace, we are so blessed

Miz-mor, shi—yr,
Le—yom ha-shab-bath
A psalm, a song
for the sabbath day

Streets of Jerusalem
© 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong

We have all gone astray
Everyone to his own way
We long for Israel
We long to find our way

We long to be on the streets of Jerusalem
In that day we shall pray
where the walls cry out to heaven

Lord send out light and truth
That we may know Your will
Bring us to Your Holy Place
Lead us to Your Holy Hill

We want stand in Your land and as one lift our voice
We want to sing, let praises ring
In Zion we shall rejoice

Watchman lift your voices
Together we shall sing
We shall see here one day
The coming of the King

Oh Lord God of Israel
1 Kings 8:23,57 | © 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong

Oh Lord God of Is—ra—el
There's no God like you in the heavens
There's no God like you in the earth
Oh Lord God of Is—ra—el

Who keeps His covenant with loving-kindness
Unto Your servants who walk before You

May the Lord our God be with us
May the Lord our God be with us
He won't leave us or foresake us
He won't leave us or foresake us

Holy One of Israel
© 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong

Holy One of Israel
Hear my prayer as I sing to you
Let my words soar to
Heaven above

Count my blessings one by one
I give you praise in my song
You are worthy of
All of my love

And when the day is done
I'll rest my head until you come
I will sleep in Your presence
I will rest in your love.

Blessings to Your holy land
And to those who make a stand
Placing their trust in
Your word

Holy One of Israel
Let me pray for Your will
Let me be a part
Of Your plan

And when the new day comes
I'll greet You in the morning
Another day in Your presence
Another day in Your love.

The Lord Reigns as King
Psalm 9 | © 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong, Lee Underwood

I'll give thanks to the Lord with all of my heart,
I'll tell of all of His wonders.
I will exult You and praise you, O Lord,
You are the Lord, Most High.

My enemies retreat, they stumble and fall,
oh Lord, they perish before you.
The wicked You've destroyed, uprooted their cities,
and blotted out their name forever.

The Lord reigns as king, His throne is established
in righteousness He'll rule the world.
The Lord is a stronghold in times of trouble,
He will not forsake you.

Sing praises to the Lord Who dwells in Zion,
declare among the peoples His deeds.
I'll sing of Your praises in the gates of Zion,
I will rejoice in Your love.

Arise, O Lord, do not let man prevail,
let the nations be judged before Thee.
Put them in fear, O Lord God Almighty,
let the nations know they're but men.

Prepare the Way
Isaiah 40-41 | © 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong, Lee Underwood

A voice is calling from the mountain
If you listen, you can hear
A voice is calling from the mountain

And it say, "The Lord comes with might"
And it say, "Prepare the way."

Prepare the way, Prepare the way
Prepare the way of the Lord.
Prepare the way, Prepare the way
Prepare the way of the Lord.

Behold the Lord will be glorified
Behold He brings His reward
Behold the Lord will be glorified

And He says, "I call you by name."
And He says, "Prepare the way."

We know the King. He will reign in Zion
We know that day soon will come.
We know the King. He will reign in Zion

And He says, "I will strengthen you."
And He says, "Prepare the way."

A voice is calling from the mountain
If you listen, you can hear

Are You Calling Me?
© 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong

There is a storm up ahead. Can you see it?
Lightening, and thunder, and dread. Can you hear it?
These are the signs of the time. Will I know them?
If I have the courage Lord will you show them?

Lord please help me find, in every sign, a hope that is mine.
Lord please help me see. Are You calling me? Are You calling me?

The rain is falling; I'm calling on Your name.
Waters are rising so high, yet it still rains.
More tears are falling from heaven. Can you see?
Don't let me drift away. I am weary.

There is a port in the storm. I need shelter.
Where it is dry and it's warm, and there's help there.
Rising from dark and deep waters, I will meet you.
Into Your saving arms, I will greet you.

Lord I give You my all, I hear Your call, though the rain falls.
Lord You're calling to me. You're calling me. You're calling me.

Psalm 100 | © 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong, Lee Underwood

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving
Enter His courts with praise
Give thanks to Him and bless His name
Be glad in the Ancient of Days

Rejoice in our salvation
Rejoice in the Father of Lights
Rejoice in our Creator
And be glad for the Lord is good

In one accord we worship the Father
The Spirit of His Holiness
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
The Keeper of Israel

Rejoice for He gathers His people
Rejoice for in Zion He reigns
Rejoice for the God of Israel
And be glad for redemption is near

Re-joice, Re-joice, Re-joice
Re-joice, Re-joice, Re-joice
Re-joice, Re-joice, Re-joice
Re-joice, Re-joice, Re-joice

Come before Him with joyful singing
Lift up your voice in praise
For it is He, who is worthy
To know and follow His ways

Rejoice with joy to the Lord
Rejoice to serve our God
Rejoice in His loving kindness
And be glad He reigns in your heart

Surely God is in this Place
Genesis 28.10-21 | © 2006 Bryan Wong, Beth Wong, Lee Underwood

Jacob was traveling in the, desert one night
On a rocky pillow his, head he did light
He saw the angels coming, down from on high
He also saw them, ascending to the sky.

Surely, God is in this place
I feel His presence
I know His loving grace
If God will be with me
Then the Lord my God
Is all I need.

Adonai spoke to Jacob that night,
"This land is yours, it shall be your birthright".
"How awesome this place", Jacob declared,
"The gate of heaven surely is here".

The sons of Jacob now fill the land,
the promise of God by His mighty hand.
The sons of Jacob are the keepers this day,
like their forefathers, this they will say ...